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So I am good at keeping promises huh? For those of you who are wondering why I led with that, I have been inundated with a deluge of texts, IMs and facebook messages by disgruntled friends and readers, mostly of the male species, who felt the earlier article was a bit unfair since it centered around men lying. Of course I was quick to assure them that the article on clues to look for when you suspect a lady is lying was still pending.
A woman can lie with not just her words but also her actions. I conducted an informal study right here at the office, and believe it or not, 2 in every 5 women said they have at one time or the other pretended to enjoy a kiss when in reality they couldn't wait to run home, scrub their mouths out with bleach and boil their tongues in hot water!!!
It may sound amusing, but they were dead serious. I discovered something: women do lie (they are only human after all), but most times, they lie to spare a man's ego. Regardless however, lying is one of the first signs of a cheating wife or grilfriend,  and even when cheating is not an issue, lying means there is a problem in your relationship so I suppose it's only fair to know when she is lying and call her on the carpet.
The signs I previously discussed in my last post, (Can You Tell When He Is Lying To Your Face) also apply to women but there are still some peculiar traits women depict with every utterance of falsehood.
And now, I unveil the signs any prudent man should look out for when he wants to catch his lady love in the act, (and yes I mean wives, girlfriends, etc).
Sorry ladies, but the cat is out of the bag now...

1. Giggling.
Giggling is that cute girly laughter that usually  emits from chubby-cheeked little girls of say 5 or 6 years old when they have been mischievous or when they are just plain excited. Now admittedly, some women do retain that girlish laughter right into adulthood but where your wife of 10 years is one of those women blessed with this sexy, husky timbre (the type usually associated with say Toni Braxton), I think you should be worried if she suddenly resorts to girly giggles especially when she is discussing say, what she did with the money from your joint account or if she is assuring you that her hair and makeup are terribly mussed because she decided to have an after-work get together with the girls.

2.Avoids questions with tasks:
Women are natural multi-taskers, that is a given. However, that may be why when a woman is lying, it is almost impossible for her to sit still. She moves this way and that, busy as a bee but basically doing nothing. So hunks, when you ask something like "How did it go at your mother's?" And she suddenly starts dusting at non-existent specks on the dinning table  with one hand whilst loading the dishwasher with the other hand, you may want to call your mother-in-law(yes despite how much you detest her) and verify if wifey dearest actually went to see her Mom or her Boo.

3.The Quick Nervous glance:
Women are generally unable to hold your gaze when they lie, but that is hardly ever a sure-fire sign because some women are naturally averse to eye-contact whether as a result of personal character, beliefs, cultures. However, when she gives you that quick, nervous frutive glance and then looks away immediately, you do have a lot to be worried about.

4.Nervous movements:
More than men, women are prone to nervous movements when they are not being very honest. Watch her hands: If she is lying to your face, watch out for tell-tale signs like twirling her hair around her fingers, patting her head, or scratching her neck. Never underestimate the nose test: works every time. Studies have shown that when a person lies, the heart pumps faster thus swelling the nasal tissue and creating an itching sensation on the nose. However, since men generally have faster heartbeats than women, they are more prone to exhibit this sign when lying. Bill Clinton certainly itched his nose 26 times a minute during his infamous denial of the Monica Lewinsky affair!!!

5.Her voice:
Yes I know women usually have light voices but when a woman is spinning you a tale, her voice will more often than not, get noticeably higher or quavery, (unless of course she is just excited about something). Also, there may be slight hesitations as she cements her story. So if you do not know the normal tenor of your lady's voice after some years together, then ... I really do not know what to say to you!

6. Selective deafness
Invariably, she will ask you to repeat the question not because she did not hear what you asked, but because she is thinking quickly of something to say; something that sounds credible but is not necessarily so. Although this trait is not necessarily peculiar to women as men have been known to do this too. And of course you do realise that this does not necessarily mean that every single time someone asks you to repeat yourself, they are dreaming up untrue answers.

If you are with a truly devious woman, once you catch her out in her lies, her first line of defence would be to burst into tears because its an open secret that any truly decent man hates to see women cry(and since you are reading this article, I believe you are one). If she starts weeping, you will most likely be assailed by guilt and want to console her but this could backfire because in the time you are consoling, she is thinking furiously trying to come up with a more plausible explanation. Note: When a woman is falsely accused she may nevertheless burst into tears. In this instance, hurt and anger are in the driver's seat, and if you keep pushing at this point, you will most assuredly get an angry outburst, maybe a slap and then, she will likely storm out cursing you.

Nothing drives a woman away faster than accusing her falsely. So while some women may dig possessive men, you may want to dial down the accusations because she either decides to earn the accusations, or she decides you are not worth the trouble and tosses you out on your ear.

                                                                   Okoye Sherina

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  1. Wow!nice article dear, u rilly did ur reseach vry well cos most of d signs u wroite abt i sure witnessed it wit gals hv bin wit.kip it sweetie

  2. Frank
    Thank you for that encouraging comment although I can't help but notice that like most men u turned a blind eye on the article about lying in men. Why is that? lol.