Thursday, 27 March 2014


Most men worth their salt would do just about anything to keep from sharing their woman, but when she does cheat, the emotional anguish alone from trying to understand why, can be very devastating. For most men, it’s a thing of macho pride to be able to cheat and get away with it, but interestingly, when these same men are confronted with their own spouse or partner cheating, they have a completely different outlook. Well here are a few reasons women cheat:

1.      YOU CHEATED 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Alright so two wrongs don’t make a right, but in the world of relationships, logic rarely has a leg to stand on coz it’s emotions galore. Yes, Casanova was a man, but that does not necessarily mean you have to prove your masculinity by chasing everything in skirts. Every time I hear the expression “It’s in a man’s nature to cheat,” I know for a fact that I’m talking to a boy. Cheating is the surest way to hurt your woman and drive her away; and while she may pick up the pieces and stitch her broken heart back together, she may never truly forgive you.  Even if she does forgive your cheating ass, you may be sure you have lost something you would never get back... her unconditional love.  I mean, it does put quite a strain on love when you have trust issues doesn’t it?

Remember those high school games where you liked a girl and still made her feel as though she wasn’t very special because in some twisted way treating her badly was supposed to keep her hooked? Well here’s an advice: high school was a movie! In real life, women want romance, flowers and nauseatingly intimate messages. She may deny it, but a woman always loves to know that she is your priority; her and no one else. Every woman wants to know that her man thinks she’s all that and I assure you if you do that, she would place the world at your feet. So if you are the type to dangle her on a thread of uncertainty whilst seemingly keeping a co-worker in your breast pocket and your friendly secretary in your back-pocket, you may be sure that you will lose her to someone else. You may think to impress your hommies with how macho you are and how much you don’t need her. In truth though, while you think ignoring her is cool, someone else doesn’t and he will be right behind you to make sure she knows that.

Okay if the thought of beating a hapless woman blue and black doesn’t make you a little queasy, then the jury is still out on your sanity. Not to belabour the point though, if you are in the habit of yelling at your significant other, you may be sure that someone else would be waiting in the wings to pamper her and dry her tears every time you make her cry. This is not idle talk mind, I did a survey right here in the office and 8 out of every 10 woman admitted that every single time they had a terrible row with their husband or partner, that very day, some other guy stepped out of the blue and indicated interest. Weird but true. Probably the unconscious damsel in distress vibes, huh? Food for thought!

Newsflash; men aren’t the only attention-hogs. In fact, women, more than men, thrive on it. Do you remember watching your dad and that annoying little sister whom everyone knew was his favourite? What was it that made her daddy’s little girl with a vast preference for daddy over mummy who after-all, carried her for nine months? Attention. If your woman has to practically beg for yours, you are doing something very wrong.  In fact, most women resort to harmless flirting with other guys to get the attention of the one person they love because they hope that if you think you have a rival for her affections, you would pay more attention. Unfortunately for both of you, flirting may lead to something more, and whose fault would that be when it comes down to it?

No, men are not the only ones who like to hold onto their youth as long as possible. Unfortunately, when you have been in a relationship for a while, most people tend to think it’s okay to drift into passive romance. Well that’s one of the most common reasons women cheat; to feel that vibe again. Please tell me you already know that as much as men love to chase, WOMEN LOVE TO BE CHASED!!! So here’s a clue; don’t toss dating outta the window just cause you have been married for ten years. Even if you have to grit your teeth when the check comes, take her out to dinner now and then.

Of course some women may cheat because like their cheating male counterparts, they merely have the morals of alley-cats but more often than not, a decent woman may fall off her pedestal if you push her hard enough. So now you know what to avoid.