Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Ok so I seem to have been out of commission for a while there. I apologize deeply. And don’t ask what I have been doing because all you will get in response is a pert command to ‘mind your own business’. J

Now, onto pressing matters: Are there really particular breed of men any woman would be ‘insane’ to say no to?
Contrary to public opinion, while money may make the world go round, it does not always make a man any more appealing than he truly is. Here are a few tips, based on home-spun truths, to get every woman within a 2000 mile radius positively salivating and chasing after you!!! Yes, fellas, that unfulfilled high school dream was always within your grasp but you just didn't see it because you were busy looking in the wrong direction!

And no, I am in no way suggesting that you have to have ALL of these traits, indeed if you do appear to have more than 4, even I wouldn't trust you!

WARNING: Any man who has four or five of these, will most likely be forced to run for his life from the hordes of women who will chase after him and I refuse to be liable for that of course.


  1. Gentle with weaker beings:

If you have ever heard the saying, “If you want to know the true character of a man, watch how he treats those weaker than him”, then you understand what I am saying! A man who is worth a woman’s time will be gentle with kids, animals, and yes... women.

In some cultures, I am told wife/girl-friend battering is considered the norm, and even accepted/expected to ‘prove that you are the head of the house’; ‘let her know her place’; ‘show that you are a man’; and some other such drivel. Well if you have been unfortunate to have been so brain-washed, then let me set you straight: pounding on a hapless woman, child or little puppy will NOT earn you respect. It may earn you fear, a lot of disdain and buckets of dislike!!! You may think it does not matter, but wait until you have say, a heart attack and the only people available to run for help are that woman you abused or that child you mistreated or that dog you kicked ¾ trust me, your perspective will change in a hurry.

Any woman with an ounce of oestrogen, can hardly resist a man who is gentle, sensous  and considerate. If you think I’m off my cookies then ask the nearest woman you can find how she feels when a man who looks like he can probably eat rocks for breakfast holds her as gently as if she were made of fine porcelian. Yes, even when a woman is 7 feet tall and as muscular ar say, Johnny Bravo, she still finds it absolutely sexy when a man makes her feel feminine every now and then.

  1. A Confidant:

If you have been following my previous posts then you know that women, no matter how quiet, love to talk ¾ at least to that special someone ¾ and a definite deal-breaker is being stuck with a man who relegates every thing she says to idle chatter. (If you have not been following said posts, then click here to see what I mean). So if a woman ever tells you “I am usually quiet around people, but not with you”, then you may be certain that she has just given you the stamp of approval!

No woman can resist a man who listens because listening is actually a very hard art for men to adopt. And when they do listen, they often seem to not be listening because they are usually focused on some football match or document or newspaper or such other thing. I know a woman who ended her relationship with this guy she absolutely adored because everytime she tried to talk to him, he “was focused on a bunch of sweaty guys running after a football on TV”.

Yes when I heard that one, I had to smile too. However, the crux of the matter is: if you absolutely want that woman to light up like a Christmas tree every single time you walk into a room, you might try listening a little more often and actually appear to be listening!

And a note of caution: sometimes, she may be bitching about something or someone to you but that does not necessarily mean she wants you to charge in and proffer solutions. What I mean is, do you remember a few times when she was positively lamenting about say her grumpy boss and when you magnanimously offered to tell that boss to let up on her, she almost bit off your head? Well sometimes, women tell you their problems because they just want the comfort of knowing that you are listening and you understand what they are going through but because men are naturally analytical, you may start immediately considering solutions to those problems! A word of advise to the wise: when next she starts going off on a wild tangent, you might want to try just holding her close in your arms, listen until your ears are pleading for mercy, then quietly ask what she wants to do. If she says she does not know, then you may gently offer your solution. 

  1. Considerate and romantic:

 I know, I know. Given the demise of chivalry, we all probably think it’s impossible that such a man could exist, but trust me, he can, and does exist.
Being considerate does not necessarily imply that you have to become a massuer, but when the woes of life get a woman down ¾ and they will, every now and then ¾ she will hardly ever forget that in your own small way, you tried to lighten the burden. Indeed, in today’s world, the rare man who exhibits even a trace of chivalry like holding doors for a lady or offering her his arm when she is trying to navigate a flight of stairs in impossibly high-heels will have no competition because any woman at all will be charmed. (But not if she senses that you are only doing that to impress and not because you sincerely want to).  Also, romance is underrated. People think it does not matter but in truth, there is no faster way to make her fall. Turn on the charm and give her an overdose. Trust me, she does not stand a chance.
So it may be something as simple as offering to do the dishes because she looks wrung out from a uniquely hard day at work; it may be something as simple as doing the sheets or heck, just giving her a peck and ordering her to ‘put her feet up’ while you whip up something for dinner (even if all you can manage is good ol’cereal) but either way, she never forgets. And more importantly, your macho image will still be intact ¾ I promise. J

  1. Intelligent:
While there is still hope for not-so-intelligent men, the fact remains that if you cannot at least hold an intelligent conversation, you will continually embarass her and no woman likes to be with someone she is not proud of.
Now even if a woman is willing to be with a man who has the brain of say, a jellyfish, then you may be sure that some day, some guy who knows what he is about will come along and sweep her away.
  1. Giving:
 Okay wipe that cynical sneer off your face, not every woman is after your miserable two dollars! Believe it or not, the little things are  more significant, memorable, and romantic than the big things.
I know for a fact that when she mentions that she couldn’t get her favorite shampoo (which probably costs all of a mere dollar) because the queue at the mall was too long, she would be more likely to squeal in surprised delight when you come home bearing that bottle of shampoo like the warrior you are than she would when you go get say, a bottle of 1984 Chateau or a box of Godiva chocolates. As incredible as it sounds, she appreciates the expensive bottle of wine of course and the chocolates (all those calories... sigh), but when you go after something she mentioned in passing like shampoo or even toothpaste, it may cost you 50 cents but she realizes you were listening even when she thought she was talking to herself! Also, it tells her that you are thinking of her a lot, and that you genuinely care about her rather than trying to impress her with some showy present that only cost you money and may well have been picked out by your secretary!
Believe me, you would be in for a hot treat that night, the type you could brag about to your friends for years ¾ and get your minds out of the gutter, I meant a gourmet treat! J

6. The “marrying kind” of man:

 Whether she wants to marry you or not, every woman wants to have you in her life because you are obviously, at some level, a steadfast sort. Whether you are her best friend or significant other, knowing that you are the sort of man who would in the long run settle with the right woman ¾ whenever she comes along ¾ makes her feel comfortable with you. Plus, if you are a marrying man, you probably respect women and that helps your image no end.

When you treat women terribly, other women take note. Now they may not say anything but in the end, you will be shocked at how almost no one is attracted to you anymore, and even if they are, they fight it with all their strength, as well they should!!!

                                                                                                                                   Okoye Sherina


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  2. Hi Tunde,
    Thanks for the amazing tips and encouragement. U just revived my flagging spirits! :)
    I appreciate your input and I will take your advice and hope for the best. Feel free to share on social networks.

  3. Number 5, the cynical smirk is still on my face, do you really believe that? Because i have been there several times and believe me that cheap shampoo didn't bring the Xmas smile to her face ohhh as much as the channel no. 5 does aii.
    Nice article though, as even the anti-mushy me was able to follow through to the end and actually enjoy it immensely, your writing is fun, witty and really entertaining, don't loose the spirit.

  4. Lol. Thanks for the compliments. Now about your less-than encouraging experience in the gift giving department, here's a thought: DO NOT try to give her 'cheap shampoo' on your anniversary or her birthday or worse, on V-Day. Pls if you value yourself DO NOT!!!
    Little gifts are so romantic when it's obvious you got them just for the heck of it or because you felt she needed it. But when you try to buy her lotion on V-Day, your lady love will watch as all her friends describe romantic dinners or squeal over Chris Aire watches and she may start to see your small gift in a new light. She may feel you are cheap or stingy or worse.
    Get my drift? Timing is part of the gift.
    I hope I clarified?