Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Ok, I have done it this time: I have shamelessly decided to be the whistle-blower! I asked a few women why they wear sexy lingerie and the answers were so “off the beaten path” that I naturally had to share it with you! I mean what kind of tattle-tale does not bear tales? J

So I asked why women wear sexy, killer, lingerie under all those clothes even when no one is going to see them and you won’t believe the answers I got back! And sorry guys, you were just the footnote!

1.     Accident:

Yes I had to sit down when I heard that one! And no, she wasn’t talking about an accidental, unplanned hook-up! Apparently, 70% of single women who are not in a relationship at all, do wear sexy, blow-your-mind lingerie under all those clothes so in case they have an accident on the way to wherever and all their clothes have to be cut off at the hospital, the nursing staff will not encounter granny panties or dirty underwear and die of laughter or just plain disgust!

Yep, got me!


2.     Changing rooms:

Apparently ladies sometimes wear hot lingerie so that if they have to try on clothes in some changing room or something, they won’t be shy about flashing other women; yes, regardless of whether they are heterosexual or not.


3.    Confidence:

There is something absolutely delightful about wearing absolutely sexy goodies underneath plain, severe, work-clothes and my survey showed that 8 in 9 women, indulge. So every time you see a career woman or nurse in scrubs hurry past, chances are, she just walked past with the hottest pair of lingerie you will never see.


4.    To hold on to youth:

Sadly for some women, growing older can feel like a death sentence. So I leant that sometimes as women get older, certain apparels may become unseemly and no matter how much she may want to wear them dressing like her teenage daughter may not be something she anticipates. As a result, most women gravitate to lingerie to make them feel sexy, young, and beautiful since the clothes do not do so anymore. So yes fellas, if your wife has started resorting to granny underwear, it may be a sign she has given up in the battle against age.


5.    For men:

Ok so I was kidding a little; guys were not the footnote after all. Apparently, ladies occasionally don jaw-dropping lingerie to spark up their love lives. Well one wonders how she feels when the man in her life barely spares a passing glance for the hot number. So the next time she surprises you with hot, hot, sexy lace, feel free to let out a wolf-whistle. We promise, you can’t possibly go wrong with that one!

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