Thursday, 13 September 2012


Yes folks, I was as surprised as you are to  hear about this and I had to google it immediately. Apparently, drugs do not work their poison on the inside only. But the question becomes, "How do you justify taking and taking and taking what is so obviously harmful to you?"
Believe it or not, the women in the pix are one and the same. Jael is from America'S Next Top Model. Now, a mere 6 years later, at the age of 28, this is what the drugs have done to the ravishing beauty on the left!


  1. very terrible thing called addiction. trust me, this babe knows what she was taking was not good for her. she knows and can even cite examples of people who have been ruined by it. but she just couldn't stop! she couldn't help herself. when i see peeps like this, i just pity and feel for them. they are under one little spell called addiction. they need help. rehab!!!