Tuesday, 5 February 2013


First off, whether you are single or coupled up, Valentine’s Day is definitely for you so before you read on, dispel the myth that only lovers get to enjoy this holiday.
Now, if you want to have fun this Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that different rules apply:
·         If you are in a relationship, then you should probably find out whether your significant other even likes the celebration to begin with because I’m thinking that nothing will ruin your day more than having to watch your sweetheart visibly endure every aspect of the romantic day you had planned whilst gnashing their teeth in tune to the romantic blues you put on the CD player. Like Scrooge at Christmas, some people are genetically wired to hate Valentine’s Day, so before you begin planning surprises that are the size of Texas, you should probably get a feel of the land first.  

·         If you are single, then you should avoid your home like the plague on this day (if you loathe your own company) because studies have shown that while a significant number of babies are born nine months after Valentine’s Day, a significant number of suicides and depression attacks also occur during the actual Valentine’s celebration. Yes, even if you invented introverts, you should try to go out and mingle.
If you are in a relationship, then you could both decide to go to one of the several parties bound to be going on all over the place; you could go bowling; or just try a romantic picnic or dinner coz hey, it never failed anyone. Yawn... These are the boring things you could do but if you are interested in how to have fun this Valentine’s Day, you might want to break out of a rut. Yep, the trick is: be creative!
a.    Gatecrash a party! Hey, it isn’t a party until someone crashes it right? Well you could both have fun turning up on strangers’ doorsteps without warning and marching around like you own the place. They will probably throw you out on your asses, but that will be something to laugh about for months and maybe even years later. Though, my money is on no one even knowing that you are one of the naughty gatecrashers.
b.    Go see a concert as opposed to some sappy movie. You can see a movie any old day so why not do something unusual today?
c.    Take your kids out, and no don’t think you can duck out on the excuse of ‘no kids’. If you do not have kids, there have got to be like a thousand kids languishing in orphanages. You could organize excursions for them and take them to the zoo, take them to see a freakin’ waterfall, or just take them to a park; whatever you choose to do, if you do spend your holiday in the company of a number of laughing, shrieking kids, chasing themselves around, then I guarantee that you will go to bed with a smile in your heart.
d.    We all have something we have been putting off all our lives. Nothing sizzles a relationship more than getting an adrenaline rush together. So this Valentine’s Day, you could always do that sky-diving you have always wanted to try; you could visit a shooting range and learn to shoot; you could go wine-tasting... you pick your poison.
Now if you are one of the lucky people who get to decide what they want, how they want it, and when they want it because they are single, then you might want to try one of these:
a.    Refuse to be depressed just because some moron somewhere decided that only people in a relationship get to enjoy Valentine’s and whatever you do, get yourself a gift ¾ yes, no matter how broke you are!
b.    Remember that road trip you have always wanted to try? Well now is as good a time as any. Picture you and your sweet ride, doing 80 miles an hour on the expressway with music blaring from the speakers and the A/C on high; awesome huh? Well you should also watch the street signs coz I’m thinking getting a ticket will be nowhere on your list of ‘Fun things to do on Valentine’s Day’.
c.    Touch base: It may sound kinda lame heading home for Valentine’s day, but have you ever considered that the celebration is really about loving and being loved in return? Who’s your daddy?
d.    You could just pack up and go to Scotland! Relax, I mean visit just for the day! Apparently there is no such thing as a ‘single’ Valentine in Scotland because their tradition says you just walk out the door and the first person you see is your Val. Cool huh?
e.    And, you could always grab up all your equally single friends and have a blast! Better still, make it singles only. Great way to meet someone new huh?
f.     Go shopping: You will be amazed how many shops - especially in Nigeria - conduct sales in the Season of Love. You could catch up on all your backed up shopping and get those items you have been eye-balling for really great prices!
Now if by this time you have not realized that regardless of your relationship status you can absolutely have a blast on Valentine’s, then you must have being doing something wrong! Go back to the top and read this article again. 

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